Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Installing Starlink/GAIA/Photom on Ubuntu

To start off install the dependencies. Starlink requires C Shell (csh) to run. C Shell is an alternative to the more commonly used bash. To install C Shell type the following:
sudo apt-get install csh
Once installed download the latest version of Starlink. Once your download has finished untar it to /usr/local/bin (Remember to change Linux-32bit-glibc2_5.tar.gz to which ever version you downloaded):
sudo tar -zxvf Linux-32bit-glibc2_5.tar.gz -C /usr/local/bin/
The final step is to source the Starlink profile to set up the environment variables needed by Starlink. This can be done automatically for you by editing your bashrc file. This file is executed every time bash starts, such as when you log in. To edit your bashrc file type:
gedit ~/.bashrc
Add the following to the bottom of your file then save and exit.

#source the Starlink profile so we get the Starlink env vars
source /usr/local/bin/star-namaka/etc/profile

You will need to change “namaka” to whatever version you’re using.

Restart your console to let the new environment variables kick in and then you can run your Starlink applications using one of the commands:

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