Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Using the "Key Magic" with One For All remote

I recently purchased a One for All remote (URC-7940 in this case) to use with my DVD player. All was going well until I wanted to program individual keys to some functions that weren’t working.

The user manual that came with the remote boasted that it had a “Key Magic” function that allowed me to do just this, however it neglected to tell me how. After more searching than should have been required I finally found a post on a forum that mentioned how to program a button.

To program a button you must first get a 5 digit function for the device you’re trying to program the remote for. These functions are called EFCs and you can usually find them using a search engine. For instance I found my device's EFCs here.

Anyway the procedure is as follows:

  1. Hold the ‘M’ button (Key Magic) until the red light on the control blinks twice
  2. On the remote press the buttons “994″. The red light should blink twice. 
  3. Press ‘M’ again. The red light will blink once more. You are now in Key Magic mode
  4. Enter your 5 digit code for the function.
  5. Finally press the key you want to assign the function to. The red light will blink twice more to confirm you’re back in normal mode

You should now be able to use the programmed key

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  1. Thanks mate. 8 years later and your post still just helped me figure this out