Friday, 11 March 2011

Using 3CXPhone with Sipgate

Sipgate’s own software phone doesn’t work on Windows 7 so I had to find an alternative and chose 3CXPhone.

It’s taken a little time to get it to connect to my Sipgate account so here is the configuration I used to get it to work:

3CXPhone Configuration for Sipgate

Account name and Caller ID can be anything you like.

Change “Extension” and “ID” to your Sipgate ID.

You also need to set the STUN server by clicking on “Advanced Settings” from the Configuration window:

3CXPhone Advanced Settings for Sipgate


  1. Many thanks for this tip - Solved a big issue for me this morning :-)

    Got my two Sipgate accounts working perfectly now...

  2. Hi Kieren

    Ive copied exactly like youve said and although im getting a ringing tone its not connecting to any numbers?

    My OS is windows 7, i this a problem?


  3. Hi Tom

    I'm also using Windows 7 so this shouldn't be the issue.

    Have you got any credit on your Sipgate account?

    Are you able to receive incoming calls?

  4. Yes i have credit so im really confused. As i said the dialling tone comes on and it sound like the number rings but i called my mobile and nothing came through? Strange

  5. How about calling your Sipgate number from your mobile?

  6. Phonerlite works with Windows 7.

    Sipgate have setup guides which when you enter your login details show the settings needed for your account.
    The sipgate Help link to the guide for phonerlite:

    @Tom Cooke - try portforwarding the SIP and RTP ports. For Phonerlite that would mean the range 5060 to 5080.

  7. Many Thank´s. Workin perfect.